Programmable Heaters 101: What to Know Before You Buy

Space heaters are an affordable and effective way to heat small spaces in your home or office. You can customize when and how much heat is generated with programmable space heaters. In this article, we will look at how programmable space heaters are unique. We will discuss their essential features and benefits and suggest the top models for you.

What Are Programmable Space Heaters?

A programmable space heater is an electric heater that lets users set their own heating schedules. With a programmable heater, you can set the unit to turn on and off at specific times and temperatures based on your preferences and needs.

Programmable space heaters have scheduling options and "smart" technology, unlike non-programmable ones. With a programmable model, you don't have to turn the device on or off manually. You simply set the schedule you want it to follow, and the unit takes care of the rest!

Table: Comparison of Programmable Space Heaters

Programmable Space HeatersSafetyDurabilityQualityPrice
Pelonis 14A✔️✔️✔️💲
DeLonghi TRD40615T✔️✔️✔️💲💲
DeLonghi TRD40615EBK✔️✔️✔️💲💲

Programmable space heaters offer several benefits. They allow you to customize heating schedules to suit your needs. When not needed, they power off to save energy. You don't have to adjust them manually, thanks to automation. Plus, you can pre-heat a space before you need it. They also maintain a consistent desired temperature. Lastly, they help lower electricity bills by not running non-stop.

Key Features to Look For

When looking for a programmable space heater, watch for features like a touchscreen display. It makes scheduling and customizing settings easier. You can search for features like remote access and control. These features let you change the heater with your smartphone. There are different heat settings, fan speeds, and heating modes to choose from. The thermostat can be adjusted to set specific target temperatures. You can schedule the heater using the timer and clock.

Programmable Space HeatersNon-Programmable Space Heaters
Offer advanced features and flexibilityLimited functionality and control
Can be set to pre-heat and auto-shutoffNo pre-heat or auto-shutoff function
Energy-efficient operationMay consume more energy
Can provide personalized heating based on your scheduleNo scheduling options
Optimal for primary heat sourcesBest used as supplementary heat sources
Allows for energy savings and lower electricity billsMay result in higher energy consumption

If the heater gets knocked over, it has tip-over protection that automatically shuts it off. The unit also has an auto-off feature that saves energy by turning it off after a set time. Additionally, the heater has a compact and portable design, allowing you to move it between rooms easily.

Safety certifications like testing by ETL for electrical and fire safety are also important.

Recommended Models

Some top-rated programmable space heater options include:

The De'Longhi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater has a sleek, thin profile that takes up minimal space. The air conditioner is quiet and suitable for bedrooms or offices. It has a 24-hour timer, an adjustable thermostat, and a remote control.

Another great choice is the Honeywell HZ-980 My Energy Smart Infrared Heater, which is ENERGY STAR-rated for efficiency. The heater has a big screen and touch buttons. It also has a programmable thermostat for each week. When heating, it has an Eco Mode to save energy. It also has safety features like a tip switch and overheat protection.

The Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote is also popular. It has a tall, compact tower design. The heater has a carry handle, digital display, and touch controls. It comes with a 7.5 hour programmable timer, oscillation and auto-off features, and a remote control for adjusting from a distance.

Buying Considerations

When picking a space heater, think about the room size, safety features, noise level, energy efficiency, thermostat options, and warranties. Select a heater that matches the size of the room you want to heat. Use the sizing calculations on the box. Models with tip-over switches, overheat protection, and ETL certification are safest. If using in a bedroom, look for units with quiet fan settings. ENERGY STAR-certified heaters are most energy efficient. Thermostats that are adjustable allow more customization. And aim for at least a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Using Your Programmable Heater

Once you've purchased a programmable space heater, be sure to take advantage of its convenient features. Program the schedule by setting times and temperatures for when you want heat - many allow daily or weekly scheduling. Adjust the thermostat to find your optimal target temperature for comfort and efficiency. Use the safety features like tip-over switches and auto-off to prevent accidents. Try out the different settings like high heat, low heat, fan only, and oscillation to find what works best. And consider zone heating where you only heat rooms you occupy to avoid wasting energy.


You can have a programmable space heater in your home or office. It gives you warmth when you want it. Look for models with programmable timers, thermostats, multiple settings, and advanced safety technologies. You can choose from top brands like De'Longhi, Honeywell, and Lasko. These brands offer automated heating with energy savings. Consider your space, heating needs, and safety priorities to choose the best programmable heater for you.


What are the main features of programmable space heaters?

Programmable space heaters offer automated heating times and temperature control, providing convenience and energy savings.

What types of space heaters are recommended as programmable options?

Oil-filled radiators, such as the Pelonis 14A and DeLonghi TRD40615T, are safe and efficient programmable space heaters.

What features does the DeLonghi TRD40615EBK programmable space heater offer?

The DeLonghi TRD40615EBK features a digital display, programmable 24-hour timer, and thermostat for advanced programming options.

What are the reasons to choose these programmable space heaters?

These heaters are chosen for their safety, durability, quality, price, and positive user ratings. They offer good value for the price.

Are programmable space heaters better than non-programmable heaters?

Programmable space heaters offer added functionality for personalized heating, as they allow for temperature and timer settings. Non-programmable heaters are suitable as supplementary heat sources.

How do programmable space heaters save money?

Programmable space heaters automatically turn off when not needed, resulting in energy savings. With careful programming, they can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

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