Tired of Freezing at Your Desk? Time For A Small Office Space Heater

It's hard to focus and be productive in a cold office. A small office heater is a great way to warm up your workspace.

When choosing a small heater for your office, think about safety, efficiency, and size. In this guide, we will talk about the advantages of using small office space heaters. We will also give you some tips on how to choose the right model for your needs.

Benefits of Using a Small Space Heater in Your Office

A small space heater offers several advantages for office use:

It provides personalized warmth right at your desk area. The units are better at heating small spaces than central HVAC systems because they use less energy. The portable design makes it easy to move from room to room. Small space heaters are an affordable supplemental heating solution. They offer a safer, lower powered option compared to larger heaters. Compact sizes can fit conveniently under or near desks. A small heater allows you to control your own comfort level.

If you work far from vents or want more warmth in cold weather, an office-safe heater can help.

How Do Small Space Heaters Warm an Office?

Office space heaters are usually small and have power levels ranging from 600 to 1500 watts. They utilize electric heating elements and a fan to pull in cool air, warm it up rapidly, and circulate heated air back out quickly.

There are several types of small heaters that are good for office use. These include ceramic space heaters, fan-forced heaters, radiant heaters, and under-desk models. Ceramic space heaters use ceramic heating plates with metal coils. Fan-forced heaters have electric coils and internal fans. Radiant heaters use an electric heating element to emit infrared heat. Under-desk models are heaters that hang or sit under work surfaces.

Look for models with tip-over auto shutoff and overheat protection for office safety. Thermostats help maintain a comfortable ambient temperature.

Choosing the Right Office Space Heater Size

To choose an appropriately sized space heater for your office, consider the square footage you need to heat:

For a personal workstation, compact 300-500 watt heaters work well. Private offices can use mid-size 500-750-watt space heaters. Cubicles do well with small ceramic or fan-forced heaters around 400-600 watts. A small shared office may require 750-1000+ watt space heaters.

Important Safety Features for Small Space Heaters

Safety FeatureDescription
Automatic ShutoffThe heater automatically turns off after a designated period of time or if it is knocked over.
Overheating ProtectionThe heater will shut off automatically if it detects that the temperature is reaching unsafe levels.

Avoid oversized space heaters, which can be unsafe for smaller office spaces. The key is choosing a heater with sufficient power for the area you need to warm.

Top Features to Look for in an Office Space Heater

When selecting a space heater for your office, look for models with these helpful features:

An automatic timer allows you to schedule when the heater turns on and off. Digital thermostats let you set your desired temp and maintain it accurately. Tip over auto shutoff provides safety if accidentally knocked over. Portable and compact designs are lightweight with a handle for moving around. Quiet operation is important for maintaining office ambiance. Cord storage prevents loose dangling cords when not in use. Remote controls allow conveniently adjusting settings from your desk.

Operating a Space Heater Safely in Your Office

While space heaters can be very useful in offices, safe operation is critical:

  • Place on a stable surface away from desks and foot traffic
  • Keep 3 feet clearance from combustibles like curtains or paperwork
  • Never leave operating unattended or overnight
  • Plug directly into wall outlets, no extension cords
  • Inspect cord condition before use and don't use if damaged
  • Follow all manufacturer operating guidelines
  • Shut off when leaving the office for extended periods

Getting the Most Efficient Use from Office Space Heaters

To get the most efficient and comfortable use from your office space heater:

Close doors to keep heat focused on your workspace. Adjust the thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting. Let sunlight in to take advantage of passive solar heating. Use insulating window treatments to prevent drafts. Dress in layers you can adjust as needed. Direct airflow, so it's not blowing directly on you. Make sure your heater vents aren't obstructed. Clean air filters monthly to remove dust buildup.

A small heater can keep you warm and comfortable in a cold office without costing much. Just be sure to choose a properly sized unit and follow all safety guidelines. A little supplemental heat can make work much more enjoyable during cold weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much square footage can a small space heater effectively warm?

A: A small office heater with 500-1500 watts of power can typically heat 200-300 square feet effectively. For larger offices, you may need multiple properly placed units.

Q: Can I use a space heater in a basement or garage office?

A: Yes, provided it's designed for indoor use only and placed away from any flammable liquids or materials. The space also needs proper insulation and ventilation.

Q: Are infrared office space heaters more efficient?

A: They can be slightly more energy efficient but output mainly radiant vs convection heat. This may make them less effective at warming the air compared to ceramic or fan-forced models.

Q: What's the average cost of running an office space heater?

A: Depending on the wattage, electricity cost, and usage time, operating a 1000W space heater 8 hours per day may cost $30-50+ per month to run. Smaller units would cost less.

Q: Is it okay to use a space heater under your desk?

A: Yes, provided it's designed for under-desk use and placed to avoid overheating. Models with timer auto shutoff give an added safety layer if you forget to turn it off.

Q: Can I leave my office space heater on overnight?

It's not safe to leave a portable heater unattended or on overnight because it can start a fire. The unit should be unplugged after working hours.

To efficiently warm up an office, choose the right size space heater and prioritize safety.

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